Norilsk Nickel held public event about new projects in Russia, Finland

Published on Thursday, 16 June 2022 20:50
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The world’s largest producer of nickel and copper, Russian Norilsk Nickel held various public events about its new projects in the Finnish town of Harjavalta and the Russian region of the Murmansk Oblast, local media resources reported.

In Finland, the company plans to increase nickel production to 75,000 tons a year from the current 60,000 tons. The company’s current environmental permit limits annual nickel production to 90,000 tons. The company intends to increase annual nickel production to more than 100,000 tons by 2026. This will require a new environmental permit from the authorities.

By expanding production, Nornickel Harjavalta will meet the raw material needs of the growing battery industry. Locally, the company’s most important customer in the battery industry is planned to be BASF Battery Materials Finland Oy.

The battery industry especially needs the nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate produced by Nornickel Harjavalta, says Joni Hautojärvi, CEO of the company. Nornickel’s current Harjavalta operations directly employ about 300 people. The expansion will create 10-20 new jobs in region. Also, Norilsk Nickel has started preliminary consultations with indigenous peoples on the prospects of the lithium project in the Russian region of Murmansk Oblast.

Representatives of Norilsk Nickel spoke about the impact of business and production on the environment in the regions where the company operates.

The meeting gathered also the representatives of Nenets, and Komi people, as well as government officials. The main purpose of the meeting was to set up a dialogue with indigenous peoples, to inform local communities about the forthcoming project, and to listen and record suggestions and comments from the communities.

The parties also discussed basic approaches to ethnographic and sociological research. The company confirmed its intention to collect and verify all possible information on the subjects, nature and scale of traditional trades, sacred sites and burials, as well as identify potentially affected people, and make detailed maps of the area. The research will be carried out with the involvement of leading scientific institutions and in cooperation with Sámi, Nenets, and Komi people.The public events were the first and will also be held in Norilsk, Chita and Moscow from June till September.

It is expected that the government auction for the lithium deposit in the Murmansk region, which Rosatom and Nornickel are jointly interested in developing, will take place not earlier than in the III-IV quarters of 2022.


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