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Major pain for world economy if G20 reforms not adopted: Bank of Canada

There just may be a panacea for weak global economic growth and trade imbalances.
It would require some strong medicine, but the option of doing nothing would only deepen the malaise — and at a very big cost, trillions of dollars in fact.
That’s the warning inherent in reforms agreed to by the Group of 20 at the Cannes summit in November. And…

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Europe's Economic Woes Shadow G8 Summit

The leaders of the Group of Eight major economies plan to address Africa's food security when they meet at a mountain retreat near Washington, DC this week. 
But, Europe's economic situation will demand much of the group's attention.
The European debt crisis, and its possible effects on the world economy, will be on the minds of the G8…

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Banda: Malawi economy a total mess

Malawian President Joyce Banda, who took office on April 7 after her predecessor's sudden death, said on Monday that the country's agriculture-dominated economy was in a "total mess".
She also urged her Cabinet to speak frankly to the public about the severity of Malawi's challenges.
"Be free to advise me, and not think Malawians are fools…

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IMF to offer assurances to unlock aid for Malawi

The IMF will send letters to Malawi's donor nations telling them it approves the country's efforts to seek financing so that they can release funds to help prop up its rapidly dwindling foreign exchange reserves, Malawi's finance minister said on Tuesday.
Malawi scrapped its currency peg to the dollar on Monday in a bid to unlock foreign aid and…

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Namibia cbank leaves rates steady, euro zone weighs

Namibia's central bank decided to keep its main lending rate unchanged at 6 percent on Wednesday, trying to support hesitant growth in the economy while  Europe's debt problems pose a risk to its exports.
"Although the majority of domestic indicators displayed robustness (there  are) uncertainties regarding developments in the euro area,…

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