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Namibia suspends imports of South African chickens due to Avian flu outbreak

Namibia has suspended imports of chickens and eggs from neighboring South Africa, which is experiencing the most serious outbreak of bird flu in its history, the Namibian government announced on Wednesday (Sep. 28).

The decision, with immediate effect, comes after an "alarming" increase in cases of "highly pathogenic avian influenza", said the…

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Ghana: 3-day protests over cost of living crisis, leaders' “moral decay” end

With placards reading Ghana deserves better, we are tired of being voting machines or people equals power, protestors rallied in Accra.

The 3-day #Occupy Julorbi House campaign ended on Saturday (Sep. 23). Despite downpour and sun, demonstrators rallied for political change and economic reform.

"We are only being Ghanaians. All we need is food,…

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Ghana tops African countries with highest debt with IMF

Ghana has maintained its spot as Africa’s most indebted country to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Ghana’s debt to the IMF increased by 35.55% over the time period under consideration, per data from the IMF’s Quarterly Finances for July-ending 2023.

This accounts for 9.55 percent of the 17.68 billion (Special Drawing Rights) SDR in total…

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Fuel prices hit all-time high in Kenya

The cost of fuel in Kenya hit a record high on Friday (Sep. 15) after the energy regulator revised pump prices, adding to the economic hardship facing millions of people.

The announcement by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority has brought the retail price of a litre of petrol to an unprecedented more than 200 Kenyan shillings ($1.36).


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Rwanda strikes deal to build nuclear reactor

The Rwandan government signed an agreement on Tuesday with a German-Canadian start-up to build an “experimental” civil nuclear reactor, in order to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

The reactor will be ready for testing in 2026, according to the start-up that will build it, Dual Fluid Energy.

These “reactors can be used to produce electricity,…

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