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Africa's workforce set to overtake Asia by end of the 21st century

Africa’s potential workforce will likely be larger than that of Asia by the end of the 21st century as both continents wrestle with different demographic and economic challenges.

The number of 15-to-64-year-old Africans today is a quarter of the size of Asia’s working-age population. By 2100, however, Africa will surpass Asia, a Bloomberg analysis…

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In battle for Libya's oil, water becomes a casualty

While Libya’s oil lies at the heart of three months of fighting over Tripoli and years of power struggles before that, water is becoming a far bigger concern for its people.

Interruptions to water supplies are common after eight years of near-anarchy since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted, but a wider crisis is now coming to a head in a country made up…

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Masisi tries to shake off Khama’s legacy as Botswana’s showdown looms

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi will quit if, under his watch, the Botswana Democratic Party does not perform well in the upcoming elections.

Masisi, who said this while on a state visit to the US this week, wished his predecessor Ian Khama luck on his new path.

He added that now that the former pesident had chosen to cut ties with the party…

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Twin attacks threaten new Ethiopian government's reforms

The Baklaba and Cake cafe was heaving with customers when truck-loads of heavily armed men in fatigues rolled up across the road outside the local government headquarters in Ethiopia’s Amhara region.

The men, some carrying two Kalashnikov assault rifles, stormed the building, sending customers enjoying a Saturday afternoon coffee in the cafe diving…

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How to beat Boko Haram? Treat women better, analysts say

Tens of thousands of women have been freed from Nigeria's brutal Boko Haram fighters, but providing a safe future for them is critical to winning the war, analysts warned on Tuesday.

"Their hardship is a humanitarian concern - but also could fuel the conflict," the International Crisis Group (ICG) said in a new report.

Boko Haram's decade-long…

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