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Foreign observers face tricky test in Zimbabwe vote

In Nyatsime village outside Harare, European Union election observers go from home to home collecting detailed survey answers - their first mission to Zimbabwe for 16 years since being abruptly expelled.

In 2002, the head of the EU election mission was thrown out on the eve of a violence-tainted election that kept Robert Mugabe in power and was…

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Guess who's still a factor in Zimbabwe's election? Mugabe

Zimbabwe's former leader Robert Mugabe has been forced out but he's hardly faded away. Ahead of this month's historic election, dozens of people in T-shirts with his image danced to anti-government songs while vowing revenge.

The 94-year-old Mugabe, who led this southern African nation through 37 turbulent years before his dramatic, military-backed…

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Ethiopia and Eritrea say war over, UN hails "wind of hope" in Africa

Ethiopia and Eritrea declared their “state of war” over on Monday and agreed to open embassies, develop ports and resume flights, concrete signs of a rapprochement that has swept away two decades of hostility in a matter of weeks.

The announcement promised to end of one of Africa’s most intractable military stand-offs, a conflict that has…

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Can Zimbabwe finally ditch a history of violence and media repression?

Zimbabwe’s governing ZANU-PF is earnestly courting international legitimacy as the country approaches its first post-independence elections without Robert Mugabe.

The party frequently uses clichés like “fresh start”, “new dispensation”, and “open for business” to signal its willingness to engage with the West. The talk has been matched by some…

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Zimbabwe opposition chief eyes 'Obama effect' in historic poll

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader and presidential hopeful Nelson Chamisa believes he will ride a wave of youthful optimism to election victory, emulating Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau.

In an interview with AFP, the 40-year-old Chamisa said Zimbabweans were craving generational change in the landmark July 30 elections. The vote…

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