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Benghazi port bustling again despite Libya's divisions

The commercial port in Libya’s second city Benghazi is working round the clock three years after reopening, attempting to raise revenues for its restoration and expansion.

The port was caught in the crossfire as rival factions battled for control of Benghazi from 2014 in a conflict that left parts of the eastern Libyan city in ruins. It suspended…

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Algerian economy creaks at the seams after six months of turmoil

On the face of it, Algeria’s state-dominated economy has weathered six months of turmoil well, with flightloads of public sector workers heading abroad for holidays even as protesters who ousted the veteran president in April now target his allies.

But business, and leisure, as usual for the North African country’s army of state employees masks a…

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French troops in Mali anti-jihadist campaign mired in mud and mistrust

The French soldiers seeking out jihadists in central Mali’s savannahs were prepared for the sandstorms, the thunderstorms, the lack of anything resembling a road and the need to tow vehicles whose wheels kept getting stuck in floodplains. 

They knew getting information out of terrified villagers would be difficult.

But as the multi-week…

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Moderate Islamists make new power quest in Tunisia

Tunisia’s moderate Islamists are hoping the genial Beethoven fan they have nominated to run in next month’s presidential elections will break the mould in the Arab world by turning success at the ballot box into uncontested rule.

Abdelfattah Mourou is a lawyer who has distanced himself from the more socially conservative positions of his Ennahda…

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Ebola outbreak in east Congo's main city tests flexibility of response

Deo Bakulu has been washing his hands every chance he gets since Ebola reached eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s main city of Goma last month.

But the washing station set up by local authorities near his home is only open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., from Monday through Saturday, and he doesn’t have running water.

“Does Ebola only spread during the…

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