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African countries are behind on progress towards poverty reduction goals

In their annual meeting at the United Nations in 2005, world leaders agreed on a common economic agenda. This was to halve – between 1990 and 2015 – the proportion of the world’s population living on less than one dollar a day. It’s been nearly 15 years since this resolution.

The world has certainly seen economic progress but it is not even. And…

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Botswana faces first close election contest since independence

For the first time since it won independence from Britain in 1966, Botswana faces a genuine electoral contest on Wednesday, as a feud between its current and a former president throws one of Africa’s most stable nations into uncertainty.

The Botswana Democratic Party, in power since independence day, faces an unusually tough parliamentary vote,…

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Botswana elections: Khama brothers on opposite sides

The proverb “blood is thicker than water” could be in for a tough test with two politicians who are the sons of Botswana’s first president, Seretse Khama, approaching elections from opposite political sides.

This happens as Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) – co-founded by Khama 58 years ago and at the helm of the Botswana government for 53 years –…

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Mozambique's elections to test fragile peace

The face of President Filipe Nyusi beams from flags billowing across Mozambique’s city of Beira, where T-shirts and posters colour the streets with his Frelimo party’s signature red in what is usually an opposition stronghold.

Frelimo’s show of force ahead of presidential, provincial and legislative elections on Oct. 15 could signal problems for…

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OBITUARY | Robert Mugabe: A leader loved and hated in equal measure by Zimbabweans

Longtime Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has died. He was 95.

Loved and hated in almost equal measure by Zimbabweans, the former teacher was best known for leading Zimbabwe to independence, his controversial land reform programme, his hatred of any political opposition and his very glamorous young wife Grace.

Mugabe was reported to have died…

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