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Can Africa succeed in green industrialisation?

Africa could lose up to $50 billion by 2040 due to the effects of climate change, even though it emits only 4% of greenhouse gases. Africa is, therefore, the continent most exposed to climate change, but also the most fragile.

With repeated episodes of flooding and high temperatures driving millions of people from their homes each year, economists…

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Ghana: Chocolate makers steadily record profits while cocoa producers barely earn a living

While world's biggest chocolate companies see their profits soar, they fail to keep their promises to improve the wages of the farmers who grow cocoa in Ghana, one of the main producing countries, NGO Oxfam denounced in a report.

In a report published Thursday (May 11) Oxfam said earnings for US companies Hershey, Mars and Mondelez in addition to…

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Sudan: The battle for power between two generals

Tensions have been brewing for weeks between Sudan's two most powerful generals, who just 18 months earlier jointly orchestrated a military coup to derail the nation's transition to democracy.

Over the weekend, those tensions between the armed forces chief, Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, and the head of the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary group, Gen.…

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Can African countries create a new mining order?

Mining agreements have long been plagued by accusations of unfair terms, where one party - usually investors- wins at the expense of host countries.

Now armed with critical minerals such as cobalt and lithium, African countries are out to rewrite their mining contracts.

They are demanding more in taxes, royalties and profits. 

Endowed with the…

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Building Bridges: BRICS Alliance paves way for African integration

As the 15th edition of the BRICS summit approaches, the alliance should soon expand, with the arrival of several African countries in particular.

Made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, with a contribution reaching 31.5 % of the world's gross domestic product (GDP) in 2023 against 30.7% for the G7, the BRICS are considered the…

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