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Africa needs more than G20 offers to address looming debt crisis

African countries face another debt crisis and will need more long-term help than the latest G20 debt plan offers them to ward off trouble and keep much-needed investments coming in, according to policymakers, analysts and investors.

Approximately 40 percent of sub-Saharan African countries were in or at risk of debt distress even before this…

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What happened to democracy in Angola?

Social unrest is mounting in Angola since the first large protest on October 24th and the death of Dr Silvio Dala in the hands of the police. At the previous protest the urban youth came in hundreds only to be met with threat and “kidnapping”. Many were taken in by police and several journalists were taken in custody for no apparent reasons…

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Angola’s anti-corruption crusade tide turns against João Lourenço

Suspected of a conflict of interest and enrichment, Edeltrudes Costa, President João Lourenço's chief of staff, has discredited his anti-corruption policy.

Even before taking over the leadership of Angola in 2017, João Lourenço knew that the fight against corruption in his country would be difficult.

Every day that passes confirms this a little…

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Mining companies and local communities: the balance of give and take

Most mining companies often clash with the local communities whenever they intend to establish a new mine that leads to their relocation.

Some fights are due to potential environmental challenges such as the contamination of rivers or the suffering of humans and livestock due to the effects of mercury and cyanide.

Some communities are also…

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Why Is SADC Slow to Intervene in Political Crises?

Many in Southern Africa are asking why SADC does not intervene in crises in the same way leaders in West Africa do.

In the run-up to their 40th annual summit on 17 August 2020, the leaders of SADC faced a barrage of criticism from citizens over their inaction in response to the region's problems.

Civil society groups, opposition leaders and…

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