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No plain sailing for Zim, but finance minister cautiously optimistic

Zimbabwe Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube sees inflation – currently at 59% – declining to 10% by the end of the year.

He is banking on slowing down money supply, liberalisation of the exchange rate and other broader economic reforms, although it will "not be plain sailing" for the struggling southern African country, he says.

In February 2019,…

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Sudan protesters remain resilient, but Bashir unbowed

Sudanese protester Osman Sulaiman has taken to the streets of Khartoum chanting "overthrow, overthrow" almost daily since demonstrations erupted against President Omar al-Bashir's iron-fisted rule in December.

And he insists he has no intention of stopping now.

"We have to fight our battle if we have to secure our future and the future of our…

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Explainer: Why Nigeria's election faces multiple threats

Nigeria has slid into a constitutional crisis three weeks before the presidential election after President Muhammadu Buhari suspended the country's chief justice, a key player in what likely will be a disputed vote affecting the lives of some 190 million people. The president's rival calls the suspension "an act of dictatorship" meant to influence…

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Yemi Osinbajo: Nigeria's vice president

Yemi Osinbajo has played an increasingly prominent role in Nigeria's government since he was appointed as President Muhammadu Buhari's deputy in 2015.

Nowhere has that been more clearly demonstrated than at a recent question-and-answer session on the current campaign trail, when the lawyer and church pastor spoke more than his boss.

When the…

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Zimbabwe: Months of protests against high prices

Several months of protests in Zimbabwe over shortages of basic goods, inflation and the depreciation of the local currency have escalated into riots after the government doubled the price of fuel.

In power since the fall of Robert Mugabe in November 2017, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised to revive the country's shattered economy, but has…

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