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African autocrats have new allies: Street goons

From Kenya in East Africa to Liberia in West Africa, police organisations have traditionally been known to help dictators in rigging elections, crushing public demonstrations and abducting members of the opposition and civil society. Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe became notorious for this ever since his ruling party started facing serious political…

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What stagnated the Ethiopia peace process?

September 11 marked the first day of the new Ethiopian calendar year in the war-torn country. But so far, little in terms of change has been ushered in with the new year, as fighting broke out between the federal government and the Tigray rebels late last month, rupturing a five-month ceasefire.

At least 10 people were killed in air raids on…

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Explainer: Why is there renewed fighting in northern Ethiopia?

Fighting has erupted again around the borders of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, shattering a ceasefire declared in March.

Both sides blame each other for restarting the war, which was ignited in November 2020 when Tigrayan forces seized military bases across their region.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the party that controls…

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Queen's death ignites debate over Africa's colonial past

From Kenya and Nigeria to South Africa and Uganda, Queen Elizabeth's death met with an outpouring of official condolences, mourning and memories of her frequent visits to Africa during her seven decades on the throne.

Top Kenyan government officials sign a book of condolence for the Queen at the British High Commissioner's residence in Nairobi.


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Inside Emmanuel Macron's Algerian 'goodwill visit

French President Emmanuel Macron will embark on a three-day “goodwill visit” on Thursday to Algeria.

The visit comes at a time when some of Paris’ European allies, scrambling to replace Russian fossil fuels ahead of what promises to be a cold winter, are looking to Algiers for their energy needs.

The memorial issue, the war in Ukraine and Algerian…

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