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Kenya's 2022 political landscape faces uncertainity

With major constitutional changes suspended for now, and swirling new alliances taking shape, Kenya's political scene is shrouded in uncertainty as the country eyes crucial elections due a year from now.

Here is a look at how Kenya got here and what lies ahead when East Africa's powerhouse elects a new president and parliament next August.

- What…

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Why Edgar Lungu and his party lost Zambia’s 2021 elections

Hakainde Hichilema’s election victory is the third time an opposition leader has unseated an incumbent president in Zambia since 1991. The victory bequeaths on the new president and his party, the United Party for National Development (UPND), the immense task of restoring the rule of law, fixing the ailing economy and uniting a divided nation.


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Dangers of big oil spending cuts are visible in Angola’s slump

The decline of Angola, from being Africa’s top crude producer five years ago to barely pumping more than war-torn Libya today, shows the heavy toll of a slump in oil-industry investment. 

The nation’s production has fallen by more than a third since 2015, when international oil companies started slashing investment in response to a plunge in crude…

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Indigenous peoples of Taimyr demand justice

The Association of Indigenous Peoples of Taimyr has addressed to the Barents Observer, a Norwegian Internet edition demanding apologies from Pavel Sulyandziga, the head of the Batani Foundation for his statements published by this media.

The letter states that “Sulyandziga insults the indigenous residents of Taimyr, our communities, as well as the…

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Is Ethiopia coming together or falling apart?

Abiy and his Amhara supporters are in the ascendancy - but Ethiopia’s future is by no means assured. Nominally in an effort to restore law and order, the federal government led by Ethiopia’s peace prize-winning premier is engaged in a brutal conflict with the defiant erstwhile leaders of Tigray region. 

Tens of thousands of refugees have fled, militias…

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