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South Africa stares at an acute housing crisis following recent floods

South Africa is staring at an acute housing crisis, especially in the two provinces where deadly floods were reported in last in recent weeks.

This shortage is now being experienced by low-income families that mainly live in shanty houses locally known as sharks.

The problem has been exacerbated by low incomes and lack of land. 

Thulisile Ntobela…

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Looming starvation at the Horn of Africa to impact 1.4 m children

Agricultural workers in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are preparing for their most severe drought in 40 years. This occurs as authorities warn that higher temperatures and less than normal rainfall were recorded by weather agencies in March and April this year.

The aggravating drought is threatening to throw the population, especially in arid and…

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Can China shield Africa from fallout of sanctions against Russia?

Tall, stately and clad in brightly coloured fabrics that stand out against the arid landscape, the women at a U.N. food distribution site in Jonglei state, South Sudan, wait patiently in line in the stifling heat to receive their monthly rations.

“My life changed since [South Sudan’s 2011] independence. Now I’m getting aid – things are better,”…

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Can Africa make the medicines it needs?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Africa’s vulnerabilities in ensuring access to vital drugs, vaccines, and health technologies.

The continent imports nearly 95% of all medicines it uses.

Only 3% of global medicine manufacturing is done in Africa. But the continent is emerging from the pandemic wiser. Voices in support of developing more robust…

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Tourism sector in Namibia premiers 'Walk for Love' initiative to propel growth

Tourism and hospitality operators in Namibia this weekend joined other African countries in the first-ever 'Walk for Love' initiative held to propel the growth of the sector hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walk for Love, a Pan-African project run in 23 countries, was initiated to create a network pool of operators in the tourism and hospitality…

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