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Nigerian military struggles against Islamic State in West Africa - sources

Islamist militants have killed hundreds of soldiers in attacks in northeastern Nigeria in recent weeks, security and military sources say, forcing a turnaround in the course of an insurgency which the government has frequently claimed to have vanquished.

The fatigued, ill-equipped government troops have reached breaking point, they said.


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Exiled leader of Ethiopian rebel group returns home amid reforms

The exiled leadership of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which had previously been declared a terrorist movement by the Ethiopian government, returned home on Saturday, marking another step in political reforms driven by the new prime minister.

The OLF had fought an insurgency for self-determination for the Oromo - the Horn of Africa country’s…

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Kofi Annan understood the limits of diplomacy, why it's important never to give up

Kofi Annan served as United Nations Secretary-General during a pivotal decade in modern world history – from 1997 to 2006. I would argue that his most important legacy was to focus the UN more on preventing and resolving deadly conflict within its sovereign members, while still trying to maintain peace and security among them.

How he developed and…

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May and Merkel backing Mnangagwa is bad news for Zimbabwe

On August 28, British Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, for a one-day working visit. This visit was part of a three-nation tour of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria designed to strengthen Britain's trade ties with African nations.

During the course of her visit, May made a brief appearance on South African TV channel…

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Sudanese hit by bread shortages as currency crunch escalates

Bread shortages have hit Sudan, with wheat traders blaming a foreign currency crisis for shortages of the staple that have left people queuing for hours outside bakeries.

Sudan’s economy has been struggling since the south seceded in 2011, taking with it three-quarters of its oil output and depriving it of a crucial source of foreign currency.


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