Saturday, 28th November 2020

V. Potanin decided to allocate funds for 2021 regardless of whether the participation of the government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Norilsk administration in the resettlement program will continue - A. Grachev

In 2021, Norilsk Nickel will allocate 830 million rubles to relocate the residents of Norilsk and Dudinka to the South.

The program, which has been in effect for 10 years, expires this year but the company intends to continue the resettlement program of the northerners, said Andrey Grachev, Vice President for Federal and Regional Programs at «Norilsk Nickel», following an agreement signed in 2011 between the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Norilsk administration and Norilsk Nickel to facilitate the resettlement of Norilsk and Dudinka residents.

The citizens who have worked in the Far North for at least 15 years can take part in the program.

Since 2016 the federal center has ceased to take part in the program.

"The company annually allocates 830 million rubles. Vladimir Potanin, the President of the company, has currently made a decision, regardless of whether the program is continued or not, to allocate 830 million rubles for 2021 even if it is unilateral," Grachev said.

As part of the program more than 6 thousand families of northerners have already moved to the South.

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