Sunday, 14th August 2022

After Egypt, Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, travelled to Congo where he met president Denis Sassou Nguesso on Monday to discuss diplomatic cooperation and reassure the Congolese leader about wheat exports.

Referring to the recent bombing of the port of Odessa, Lavrov explained the target was military infrastructure.

"As for the episode of the bombing of Odessa that you mentioned, there are no provisions in the agreement signed last July 22 in Turkey that prohibit us from carrying out special military operations and destroying military infrastructure", explained Sergey Lavrov. 

For the Congolese authorities who have taken a neutral stance on the conflict, the recent UN and Turkey sponsored deal to allow maritime traffic in the Black Sea is good news.

"We are pleased to welcome Sergey Lavrov who comes with good news, including this agreement that was signed in Turkey, sponsored by the United Nations and Turkey, which should revive the marketing of Ukrainian wheat across the Black Sea and through the Bosphorus Strait", said Congolese Foreign Minister, Jean-Claude Gakosso.

After Congo, Sergey Lavrov heads to Uganda and Ethiopia.

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