Saturday, 30th September 2023

Representative of the last wave of African leaders, Namibian President Hage Geingob, was in Luanda last week for the inauguration of João Lourenço and shared with Euronews his vision of current African politics.

He is of the view that the world has experienced three types of African leaders.

“The first wave was those extraordinary personalities who told us to take up arms and fight, like Sékou Touré, Agostinho Neto, and others. 

The second wave was caught up in the let's say, confusion of the Cold War.

Now, as I say, the third wave of African leaders is asserting the constitutional path. We believe in limiting mandates.”

He added that there are some leaders who want to change the constitution of their country to remain in power, but believe “Generally, the people want elections, democratic elections, everywhere but nobody is perfect, just look at America.”

Hage Geingob is of the opinion that presidential terms be limited “because if you are elected directly by the people, you don't really have anyone to answer to but if you are elected by parliament”

During his stay in the neighboring country, Hage Geingob did not forget who supported Namibia during the independence struggle.

"… We were really good comrades. I knew him personally. He didn't usually travel but he went to Namibia for my inauguration. We were very close. Now when it was the funeral, I couldn't travel and I thought: I have to go and pay the last tribute to him.”


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