Sunday, 14th August 2022

Tensions between the Algeria and Morocco have risen again after reports of a Moroccan air strike, which killed 3 people in the contested territory of Western Sahara.

Algeria has claimed that the attack on a convoy close to the Mauritanian border was "targeted."

Although Morocco has de facto control of much of the territory, its claim to it is not recognized by the UN or most of the international community, although the US did agree to recognize its sovereignty in 2020 in exchange for concessions on Israel. 

Neither Morocco nor Mauritania have commented on the claims and the killings could not be independently verified.

Media connected to the Polisario independence movement reported an air strike on Sunday.

The movement that seeks independence for the desert territory is supported by Algeria.

Morocco considers Western Sahara, part of the former Spanish colony that included Morocco itself, to be under its sovereignty.

Algeria had previously accused Morocco of killing three of its citizens and last August, Algeria broke off diplomatic relations with Morocco due to what it called "hostile acts" from its neighbour.

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