Wednesday, 29th June 2022

Egypt has told Hamas that it will close its Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip from Monday, a Hamas spokesman said.

“We were informed by the Egyptian authorities that the Rafah crossing will be closed tomorrow, Monday, in both directions,” Iyad al-Bozom, a spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Gaza interior ministry, said in a statement Sunday evening.

Security sources in Egypt confirmed the move to AFP, saying the crossing would be closed until further notice, without offering details or saying why. 

The Reuters news agency quoted Egyptian security sources as saying the closure was for “security reasons.”

The move appeared to be an expression of anger from Cairo after the Hamas terror group held violent protests on the border with Israel, during which an Israeli soldier was shot and critically wounded. Forty-one Palestinians were injured in the clashes.

Egypt has been trying to broker an extended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the weekend violence was seen as a setback in the efforts.

 -Times of Israel

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