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Angola: Illegal immigrants including women, children experience abuses- UN

A UN report has alleged recent migrant worker expulsions from Angola have led to human rights violations, including rape and other types of violence against Congolese women and children.

In the previous six months, 12,000 workers were reported by officials and the UN, to have passed through one border crossing close to the town of Kamako in the…

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7 electricity pylons collapse onto highway in South Africa

At least seven large electricity pylons collapsed onto a highway near the South African capital of Pretoria, causing a multiple-vehicle crash, city authorities and emergency services said Monday.

Two people were "moderately" injured in the car crash, treated at the scene and taken to the hospital, the private Promed paramedic service said.


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ICC arrest warrant for Putin a big dilemma for South African government

South Africa said on Wednesday that an international arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin had complicated matters for the country ahead of a BRICS summit it is due to host in August.

"All heads of state would be expected to attend the summit. But now we have a spanner in the works in the form of this ICC warrant," said President…

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Zimbabwe: Voters "intimidated" on the phone, says NGO

Rights activists on Tuesday accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), where presidential and parliamentary elections are due to be held in August, of disclosing the phone numbers of voters who they said had received "intimidation" messages from the ruling party.

According to local NGO Team Pachedu, voters, some of them newly registered, have…

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