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Algeria dismantles migrant smuggling network to Europe

Algerian authorities have dismantled an international network of migrant smugglers to Europe through Algeria, local media reported on Wednesday.

Fifteen members of this network, nine Syrians and six Algerians were arrested by the central service for the fight against organized crime (SCLCO) and presented to justice on Wednesday.

The investigation,…

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EU fears "a collapse" of Tunisia

The European Union is concerned about the deterioration of the political and economic situation in Tunisia and fears a collapse of the country, declared Monday the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell.

"The situation in Tunisia is very dangerous," he warned after a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

“If Tunisia collapses, this risks…

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Libyans prepare for holy month of Ramadan

Libyans consume vast amounts of coffee but as the fasting month of Ramadan approaches many are preparing to go without.

In Libya, drinking coffee goes back centuries but when Italy occupied Libya in 1911, traditions changed. 

These days young people have replaced the old beverage for Italian style espresso or macchiato

"The older generation still…

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Morocco: Suspected jihadists arrested after police officer's murder

Three Moroccans affiliated with the Islamic State (EI) jihadist group and suspected of murdering a policeman, whose charred body was found in early March near Casablanca, were arrested Wednesday, police said.

According to a statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN), the two main suspects were arrested following "security…

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