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Egypt seeks to parry rights criticism after mass arrests

Egypt has been trying to deflect criticism of its human rights record and prison conditions ahead of a U.N. review in Geneva on Wednesday that comes in the wake of thousands of new arrests.

The crackdown, which rights activists say was the most intensive campaign of arrests for years, came after rare protests against President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi…

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Algerians stage mass protest on anniversary of independence rising

More than 100,000 Algerians, double the number attending recent weekly protests, marched on Friday to demand a purge of the ruling hierarchy and an end to military involvement in politics.

The surge in numbers came after opposition calls on social media for a big demonstration to mark the anniversary of the 1954 uprising against French rule, the…

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Tunisia's moderate Islamist party may choose outside candidate as PM

Tunisia’s moderate Islamist Ennahda party may choose a candidate from outside its ranks to head government, two sources said on Friday, as it seeks consensus with other parties for a coalition.

Following victory in last month’s parliamentary election, Ennahda will be the biggest party but with only 52 of 217 seats, forcing it to compromise to form…

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Tunisia dismisses foreign, defence ministers-statement

Tunisia President Kais Saied made his first major decision as head of state on Tuesday, approving the replacement of the foreign and defence ministers as the new parliament prepares for coalition talks.

Saied was elected president in a landslide on Oct. 13, and was invested last Wednesday as head of state, a role that in Tunisia’s political system…

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