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Tunisia's union chief denounces legislative elections

The secretary-general of Tunisia's powerful UGTT union claimed on Saturday that legislative elections due later this month serve no purpose.

Speaking before an audience, Noureddine Taboubi, denounced President Kais Saied's constitutional reforms that in his view had neutralized political parties.

"We are heading for elections without colour or…

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Police and protesters in Tunisia clash over migrants missing since September

Tunisian police used tear gas on hundreds of demonstrators on Friday as they clashed when protesters tried to reach the southern island of Djerba where the 18th Francophonie summit is due to take place.

The crowds were trying to establish the fate of Tunisian migrants who have been missing for nearly two months.

A makeshift boat carrying 18…

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Egypt announces freedom, mass pardon for 30 jailed activists

Egypt announced late on November 24 the release of 30 political activists from jail, the latest in a series of mass releases from detention amid intensifying international scrutiny over the country's human rights record.

There was no immediate word on the identities of the activists, and it was not immediately possible to confirm how many of them…

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Tunisia’s opposition leader banned from traveling

The leader of a Tunisian opposition party and prominent critic of President Kais Saied announced Wednesday he had been barred from leaving the country, without any prior notice.

"This morning at Tunis-Carthage airport, I was banned from leaving the Tunisian territory without having been previously notified of any judicial decision," wrote Fadhel…

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