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New UN report finds two-thirds of South Sudan's population face hunger

Almost eight million people in South Sudan, or two-thirds of the troubled country’s population, are at risk of hunger according to a report published on Thursday by the United Nations.

‘The sad part that often we are not highlighting well, is the 1.4 million children that are malnourished. These are kids that, if the situation continues, their…

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Ethiopia peace talks marred by foreign interference - PM

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says there is “heavy foreign interference” in the continuing talks between the government and Tigray administration but remains hopeful a peace pact will be reached.

Speaking to the China Global Television Network (CGTN), Mr. Abiy said Ethiopians can solve their matters despite international pressure for a…

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Tanzania deploys army to fight Mt. Kilimanjaro fire

Tanzania has mobilized soldiers to reinforce civilian firefighters and volunteers involved in a fire on Mount Kilimanjaro, which has been raging for more than ten days.

The fire started on October 21 near the Karanga camp, at an altitude of about 4,000 meters, a crossing point for climbers on their way up the continent's highest peak nicknamed the…

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Somalia's president appeals for international help for wounded victims

Somalia's president has issued an urgent plea for international help for wounded victims of devastating car bombings at the weekend that claimed the lives of 100 people.

The government put out an appeal for blood donations with dozens of people gathered outside hospitals in the capital Mogadishu, seeking news of family members.

In Mogadishu on…

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