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Gabon's new prime minister outlines plans for national dialogue

Gabon's military-installed prime minister, Raymond Ndong Sima, on Wednesday outlined plans for a "national dialogue" to be organised next year which he said would pave the way for drawing up a new constitution.

Speaking at a press conference almost a month after a coup d’etat which ousted President Ali Bongo, he said an appeal for contributions…

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DR Congo calls for swift withdrawal of UN peacekeepers

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday called for a speedy withdrawal of a key UN peacekeeping mission that has been in the nation for nearly 25 years.

"It is time for our country to take full control of its destiny and become the main actor in its own stability," Felix Tshisekedi told the United Nations General Assembly.


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Central African Republic sentences ex-president Bozizé to life imprisonment

Former Central African president François Bozizé, now exiled leader of the main rebel coalition, was sentenced on Thursday to life imprisonment with hard labor in Bangui, notably for "conspiracy" and "rebellion", according to a judgment sent to AFP on Friday by the Ministry of Justice.

Mr. Bozizé, who seized power in 2003 in a coup d'état before…

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DR Congo buries victims of August 30 crackdown

The familes of those killed during a crackdown on an anti-army demonstration on 30 August gather at a cemetery in Goma for their loved ones' burial.

Dozens of bodies are laid to rest as the families call for justice to be done after around fifty civilians were killed at the protest by members of the Congolese armed forces. 

The government's…

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